Kent Forward is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Boulder, Colorado who now resides in Half Moon Bay, California. His new album "A New Way Home" is a collection of highly personal songs infused with echoes of his early years playing in rock bands in Boulder (Split Level, In2Blue), and more recently his transformative years of writing songs professionally in Nashville, Tennessee. The album was made possible by a period of drifting musically (much like a piece of driftwood) while living on the coast of Northern California. When suddenly, the powerful joy of creating music for music’s sake returned to him like a love message in a bottle found on a beach. 

Kent's songs have been featured in numerous television shows and films, and also cut by multiple independent artists. He was signed as a professional songwriter to Reba McEntire's Starstruck Writer's Group. He's also released 2 instrumental albums. 

Recently Kent had an epiphany, he’d spent most of his career seeking to have others record his songs, and he was sitting on a treasure trove of unrecorded songs that he had written. He sang and played all the instruments in his small home studio, finding a new way home to his music and his heart. The result can be heard on his album titled "A New Way Home".